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Aldo The Fox

009 Graphic Novel cancellation info is false.

I just had a discussion with Mr. DeSanto himself and he said that the Emerald City Comic Con thing is false. (as is the TV Tropes page.)

He says there are some problems that are holding up any future projects due to Ishimori Pro being ignorant of the fact that 009 is not as popular outside of Japan and cultural differences between them and Archaia.

But he also said the book was nominated for several awards and is currently in the process of being printed into other languages for international sales. So we have a Schrodinger's cat scenario basically. A project that is both dead and alive.

I know its not cancelled outright, but the fate of the novel series should be labeled as unknown at this time.

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Aldo The Fox

Thank you for this information!

I do hope that Kikaider and the other properties might still have a chance at being printed.

Well they want to keep going..let's hope the international sales of the novel give it the boost it needs.

A new Additional tidbit...

Easter Egg talk

Easter Egg 2

Seems Tokyo was having a vigilante problem in the book.....


Also, my fellow admins were wondering if you would be available for a chat session. You have done a good job keeping the place running and we want to speak to you about our project and ways you could help us. Just specify when you are available and we will try to meet you.

Visit the Tokupedia chatroom when you are ready.


It's great that DeSanto's here to help clarify on the matter, and much thanks goes to him for taking the time to reach out to fans and do so (there's definitely no obligation, but some go and do so, and it's surprising). Especially since some of us kind of shamefully copy and pasted this info that turned out to be a little more complicated than what the rumors would have it... a fan I knew that went to ECCC attributed Stephen Christy to being the one that said vol.2 didn't seem likely, and that it was "Kikaider", but it's possible that there was misunderstanding from that, and that any others at the con that asked on it had come away with even more dire implications.

In the age of social media, it really depends on a writer and their time when it comes to engaging with the fans. So, I have to say it's great that you got the chance to talk with him, and for all us here to know what's up. I'd certainly be another admin up for a chat :)

The 009 fanbase is kind of spread out, from what I see, but what fans exist are very dedicated. The Italian side of the fanbase is particularly passionate, and it probably has to do with them getting a fair amount of the media over there.


Just let us know when you wanna talk. :)

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