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English Dub Voice Actor Identifications

As part of the ongoing process for the Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier articles, fans from sites such as Behind the Voice Actors are more than welcome to join here and edit with what they know of the voice cast, and if they have sources from resumes or the actors themselves, it'll be even better and help the article out, and prevent more old misnomers from being circulated like Stephen Apostolina being incorrectly attributed to 004 for so many years.

Right now, roles that remain elusive or unconfirmed are Dr. Shishigashira in "Monster Island", and Dinah in the Yomi arc (figured to be Julie Ann Taylor, but more backing may be needed). Also welcome are any identifications of roles not yet listed in the English dub cast, or corrections made to existing credits. Due to the dub's non-union status and age, it may be tricky to work out who exactly voiced in what episodes, although fans well-versed in voice matching tend to be pretty thorough.

Not every background role or bit part has to be credited, but if someone would like to help fill out or correct the episodic credits or the ones on the main page, you're certainly free to.

As in the CrystalAcids and Wikipedia style, I'd made the decision to credit most of the cast with the aliases they would have used at the time.

Part of the time in this day and age, fans can sometimes be in contact with the ADR Director or a brand manager and ask for information on a cast or confirmations of roles. However, Michael Sorich does not appear to have a social media presence, and it's iffy on whether anyone could disclose the information, even more than a decade later. Steve Kramer and Richard Epcar supposedly also did ADR Direction if AnimeNewsNetwork's encyclopedia is to be believed, however, their entry does have some holes and old mistakes in itself to be wary of.

Also important is that some actors may not publicly list their involvement with this dub due to it not being endorsed by SAG-AFTRA, while some actors are more open about their non-union involvements in the past. Cindy Robinson has confirmed her role as Lina for the "Mutant Warriors" arc on her own resume, while Grant George seems to list himself as "Various monsters", though some sources attribute him to Dr. Ryan in episode 2. He was probably used for quite the bit parts. Darrel Guilbeau's involvement with the series would also need to be researched.

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Aldo The Fox

Good luck! Hopefully a few mysteries about the dub might be solved, owing to how vague the Sony credits could really get, as well as how little information there is on the production of it.

When I think about it, it's sort of a shame 009 never caught on as much to get fansites like what there'd be for Digimon, where cast and crew would reach out to the fanbase and there'd be clarification of some matters (plus interviews!). Some fanbases were pretty lucky in that regard.


At least 009 has a fanbase. Most of the stuff I work on barely registers as a blip on the radar of pop culture in the west.

Some remember the 2001 anime fondly and want a full DVD release, I've seen Discotek Media's Facebook page get a dozen or so requests for it.


That's true, there are series even less fortunate to even get some kind of exposure, especially when it comes to Ishinomori's more obscure works or some toku series. I'd hope that if Discotek or a company did get the 2001 series somehow, we could get proper subs instead of the dubtitles.

FUNimation supposedly had a Cyborg 009 Retrospective panel at A-Kon two weeks ago, but I think it probably had more to do with their upcoming release of RE: Cyborg more than anything, Since if there were something discussed like the possiblity of them getting the 2001 series, I think it would have come up by now. They do seem one of the top companies for anime licenses these days, but that series could be a bit "old" for them, and 009 vs. Devilman might look more recent and appealing (but owing to nicheness and with what you said about Discotek, I wouldn't want to rule out them getting it). I've seen a few fans that want FUNi on 009, but we'd have to see. Their license of RE: seemed kind of like a fluke to me, since the dub they got was pre-existing and it came in a wave of other anime film licenses.

Well, Mr. Epcar is no help at all. He just keeps faving my tweets and does not answer.
Vanity thy name is Epcar

It's possible it's something he can't necessarily talk on, or may not remember the fine details of considering the age of the dub by now, or perhaps it's something that may have to be answered later. His Twitter's pretty busy and active, and he's a busy guy.

It could be anything, but hopefully there might be some kind of help on this project. I'm not expecting every actor to get a credit, though solving who "Mario" is would help with all the leads being properly credited and being able to put a name and identity to who voiced Pyunma.


My next twitter contact is Mr. Joshua Seth himself! Cross your fingers!


Ah, good luck there! Usually, dub actors record separately, so I'm not sure he'd know who "Mario" was unless it was someone he'd also worked with in the past, but if there's any information or trivia he can pass along, that could be helpful!

I know someone else was thinking of asking him about memories on the dub sometime back, but not sure they got around to it. I believe the BTVA admins got the information about him redubbing Derek Stephen Prince's episodes from Seth himself, but it's also good to make sure nothing got lost in quoting or misunderstood.


In doing some more research, I found that "Mario" voiced Aclam Halidda in the Gundam Stardust Memory dub. The director of that dub was the late Kevin Seymour, credited under his alias Quint Lancaster.

While that may eliminate one option, I've heard one person from BTVA managed to ask someone that knew Seymour, his co-director Joe Romersa, about the identity of Goemon's voice actor in that "Castle of Cagliostro" dub. He does have a public Facebook (Shadowboxjoe), but can't find any Twitter or easier way. Though, it's been so long since that dub (even longer than 009), that I'd wonder if Romersa may remember who the mysterious "Mario" is. And from what I can see, Romersa wasn't involved in the Gundam dubs, so maybe not, unless he worked with that actor in another production. Doug Stone was the ADR director for the original trilogy of Gundam films, where this "Mario" name also appears in a minor role. He has no Twitter, but a LinkedIn.

Romersa does seem to still keep in touch with/know some of the people in the Los Angeles voice pool through that Facebook site, though.

As I figured before, it's possible this actor popped up in dubs under other names, and alias-outing is an iffy matter though usually after such an amount of time, it doesn't seem to be as big of an issue.


I'm sorry to report that none of my contacts so far are of any help.

Joshua Seth seems mum on the subject, as he did not wish to respond at all. (Understandable, as he quit voice acting due to the treatment of his friends, the unions and bad pay compared to voice work in US cartoons). Yoshi Sudarso also seemed weirded out by my inquiries and didn't answer.

I do have another in mind, Judd Lynn is going to be helming a live chat on the Power Rangers twitter account for SDCC later next week. I'll see if he knows if Mr. Sorich still works for Saban and maybe we can finally get some answers.


Yeah, it's no problem with me about some not speaking on the matter. There are really a lot of factors to consider with voice actors and the business, especially with union vs. non-union and a dub's age (along with who's willing to engage with fans or has the time in their schedule).

Well, I wish you luck with that! How much would you be willing to ask about the dub's history?

I don't like coming off pushy or invasive, so I've tried thinking of the best ways you, I, or anyone else willing to help out could gather the information, and sort of had to really try to search for any possible options or contacts. Besides the voice cast, most the staff of the dub is such a mystery and I haven't found leads as to how many ADR scriptwriters might have gotten left uncredited.

Joe Romersa seems to be a bit willing to answer inquiries about Animaze and its actors from what I'd seen in the past, but I feel uncertain about buggin' him about "Mario" and don't wish to expose my name. Doug Stone also appears to have FB from seeing Seth promote it in a Reddit Q&A, but it's mostly f-locked, so I don't want to be any kind of invader. Seth goes into the pay rate for anime in the Q&A, and some other interesting things.

ETA: An actor I've been looking into right now is Darian Maurice Sewell, who also showed up in some other Seymour-directed dubs for Animaze. It seems he was active in voice acting as early as 1996, with the Street Fighter dub. He's also done some Christian audiobooks called "The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told". The real key would be to find voice clips to rule out or confirm, and it's what some fans use when asking and confirming the identity of a voice. There are some things that lead me to wonder if it's him, though: Mario's character in Stardust Memory speaks before episode 5, when "Mario" first starts being credited. The name in the credits before then? "Darian M. Sewell". There are some samples of Sewell's voicehere.

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