Cyborg 001

Full Name

Ivan Whisky

Designated No.







Living with Dr. Gilmore


Sakiko Tamagawa

English VA

Stephanie Sheh

Ivan Whisky, aka "Cyborg 001", is one of the nine protagonists of the 2012 CGI film 009 Re:Cyborg.


Ivan is a human infant whose age has not reached his first birthday since the day of his cybernetic transformation. He has a short, sky-blue bowlcut and light gray-blue eyes, and wears a simple, bright red blanket sleeper. In promotional art, he is seen wearing a double-breasted version of his outfit along with a bright yellow scarf. He has a realistic yellow pacifier in his mouth.


Like his previous incarnations, Ivan has enhanced human intelligence and the ability to wield psychic powers. His powers manifest as light blue electricity to show the effects they have on other people and objects. Because of his inability to communicate verbally, he uses telepathy instead.



  • Unlike previous depictions, Ivan's hair does not cover his eyes this time, rendering them in full view during the movie. Early concept art had these eyes colored brown, while they appear as a pale gray-blue in the actual film.
  • This incarnation of Ivan is also able to sit up and float freely on his own, suggesting that he is slightly older and more advanced than some of his previous incarnations, or that there has been a minimal amount of growth.
  • In Mamoru Oshii's pitch of RE:, Ivan's body would have deteriorated over the decades, with his brain having been transplanted into a dog. This setting was thrown out when Kenji Kamiyama joined the project, and then took over as the director.

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