Note: This profile refers to the "GOD'S WAR" manga and light novel adaptations by Joe Onodera, and may contain information that does not apply to the original notes for the storyline or to what is seen in the OVA incarnation.

"Jet Link" (ジェット・リンク Jetto Rinku), aka 002, was an American street criminal captured by Black Ghost for the Cyborg Astronaut Project (C.A.P.). As the second cyborg prototype, he was given the ability to fly up to speeds of Mach 5.

As stated early on in the arc by Ivan and also by the character himself in the light novel version of his spotlight chapter, "Jet Link" is not his actual name, but that he's opted to go by the name of his fictional counterpart.


As with previous incarnations, Jet is a lanky young man with long, windswept ginger hair and a large, beak-like nose.

As 002, he wears a "samurai blue" 00 Cyborg uniform with a red scarf (though it is otherwise identical to the uniform worn in previous continuities).



With his original remodeling, Jet was modified to have rocket boosters in his feet that would allow him to fly.

After he was ripped in half by a demonic crocodile, his entire lower half was reconstructed by Dr. Gilmore, and included new legs that would allow him to fly at a faster speed. A subsequent power-up by Ivan caused him to gain the ability to accelerate at light-speed while flying, and a second power-up enabled him to teleport.



  • While his name could be more accurately romanized as "Jett Rink", particularly in this continuity and owing to the Giant reference that Ivan hints at in "The Fluttering of Angels' Wings", "Jet Link" is still given as the official spelling by IshimoriPro. However, Ishinomori's concept notes for the arc do confirm the source of his name, while also stating that there was some sort of character inspiration from The Godfather.

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