Cyborg 003
003 ('68)

Full Name

Francoise Arnoul

Designated No.



Paris, France




Enemy reconnaissance


Telescopic vision
X-ray vision
Enhanced hearing


Hiroko Suzuki

Francoise Arnoul, designated "003", is one of the nine protagonists of the 1968 incarnation of Cyborg 009.


Francoise is a young girl with dark, shoulder-length hair, large feminine eyes, and a slender nose. She wears a headband at all times.

Francoise wears the iconic 00 cyborg suit - a militaristic, double-breasted uniform with padded shoulders, four big buttons on her chest, and black boots. Unlike her manga and subsequent incarnations, who wear a scarf, this version of Francoise wears an ascot.

In promotional images, Francoise has brown hair as opposed to golden yellow, wears a pink headband, and her uniform is either colored magenta or a light pink.


Francoise is a peaceful and gentle girl who usually plays a supporting role for the 00 cyborgs. Due to her passive abilities, she stays on the sidelines directing her male teammates to her enemy's location. She is very motherly, which is why she is often seen taking care of Cyborg 001.



Like her manga counterpart, Francoise has cybernetically enhanced senses. She can detect sounds from far away, and her eyes come with telescopic and X-ray vision, making her a walking enemy radar. Nothing stays hidden from her for long.

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