Cyborg 002

Full Name:

Albert Heinrich

Designated No.:



East Berlin, Germany




First-line attack and artillery


Machine guns (both hands), electromagnetic knife (left hand), Missile launchers (both knees and elbows)




Hiroshi Otake

Albert Heinrich, aka 004, is one of the nine protagonists that appear in the 1966 Cyborg 009 animated film and its sequel Cyborg 009 Monster Wars.


This version of 004 has deep auburn hair, styled in the bowl cut seen on his manga design at the time. He has a sharp, pointed nose and face, and his long mouth is often seen curved into a wide grin, as opposed to the smirk or scowls he had in the manga.

His eyes are blank and white, though this is not due to blindness but a stylistic choice. His height and body type vary some by the animators, with him being depicted either stockier, or shorter and skinnier.

He wears the pastel lavender 00 cyborg uniform, but his lacks the scarves seen on 009 and 003. Unique to his uniform are the white ribbing on his elbows and knees, used for ease of splitting his limbs to perform his missile attacks.


004 is an outgoing, louder-voiced man with a wise guy personality and quick, snappy speech. He is shown to fire his missiles at the Black Ghost scientists as a way to get them to stay away from him and the rest of the team.

He tends to be seen hanging around 002, most notably when they play golf or when they do their combination attack in the sequel.


Both of 004's hands have been modified into metallic machine guns housing bullets that he can fire out at his targets. He can also extend a blade to slice objects.

His legs and arms have been accordingly modified to split and launch missiles from where the elbows and knees would be.



  • 004's design would be modified some for the subsequent 1968 series, with his abilities made to be more in line of the manga, though he still uses the elbow missiles in an early episode. His hair was also altered to be white.
  • Like the other 00 cyborgs, 004's general role is scaled down and his personality altered or downplayed, with the manga 004 being a much darker character at this point.

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