Cyborg 005

Full Name

Geronimo Jr.

Designated No.








Super Strength
Enhanced armored skin
Enhanced endurnace


Geronimo Jr., aka Cyborg 005 is one of the nine protagonists of the CGI film trilogy Cyborg 009: Call of Justice.

Appearance Edit

Geronimo is a tall muscular Native American man who resembles a human in his late 20s to early 30s, in reality though Geronimo is somwhere in his 70s in terms of his actual age. He towers over the other 00 Cyborgs by almost a foot in height in some cases. Much like his Re: Cyborg incarnation and unlike his previous counterparts, Geronimo has a full head of black hair instead of a mohawk, with the hair more resembling a crew cut. Another trait carried over from his Re: Cyborg counterpart is the lack of "tribal tattoos", as the red lines that appears on his body are "veins" that glow red when his cybernetic super strength is activated.

Personality Edit

History Edit

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Notes Edit

  • 005's UNG Profile
    According the UNG data file on him, Geronimo was born on Christmas Day, is 210 cm. tall (6'8") and he weighs 280kg (617 lbs.).

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