Cyborg 008

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Designated No.





Underwater breathing




Noriaki Sugiyama

English VA

Ogie Banks (credited as "Marcus Griffin")

Pyunma, aka "Cyborg 008" is one of the nine protagonists of the 2012 CGI film 009 Re:Cyborg.

Appearance Edit

Pyunma has very dark brown skin, a black crew cut hairstyle, thick black eyebrows, dark gray eyes, a large nose, and a small goatee. Unlike his 2001 and graphic novel incarnations, who are depicted with blonde hair, Pyunma in the RE: movie has black hair.

Early in the movie, Pyunma wears a dark olive-green shirt, a light gray cargo jacket, white sweatpants, and a pair of brown traveling boots.

In promotional material, he wears a modern version of the iconic 00 cyborg outfit: a militaristic, double-breasted uniform with a bright yellow scarf. Like the other male 00 cyborgs, his uniform is a darker red, and it opens from the right side as opposed to the left (reflecting how differently mens' and womens' jackets are designed to open).

Personality Edit

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Thanks to a specialized set of mechanical lungs that was installed by Black Ghost, Pyunma is able to breathe and survive unhindered underwater, even as deep as ten kilometers. This allows him to safely traverse through dangerous underwater territory in search for rare artifacts.

Notes Edit

  • Though Pyunma is never given a specific country in the film, he was mentioned to have been studying in Tanzania, which was one of the countries speculated to be his home until it was ultimately confirmed as Kenya by the end of the manga.

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