Ah, Kubikuro
Cyborg 009 (1968)
Episode 5
05 Puppy
Air date May 3, 1968
Written by Toshio Katsuta
Directed by Makoto Nogo
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King Garaliya, Rescue Mission
Ah, Kubikuro is the fifth episode of the 1968 anime series. It is a loose adaptation of a side story from the original manga, The Phantom Dog.

Plot SummaryEdit

Agents of a warring country called Vetoria kidnap a scientist named Professor Inuzuka, who performed horrific breeding and surgical experiments on dogs back during the Second World War, to make canine weapons for their military.  One of his dogs, a puppy named Kubikuro is left behind and taken into Joe's care.  The agents kidnap Kubikuro and after several months, the puppy is now an enhanced adult dog who can shoot fire from his eyes and has been programmed to kill. After the death of the dog's parents and its master, Kubikuro goes on a rampage with Joe being forced to stop him.



  • There is one scene where Cyborg 007 is walking down the street and whistling the opening theme of the show.
  • This manga chapter would be adapted again for the 2001 series, but with the overall story closer to the source material.

Deviations from the mangaEdit

  • The old man was kidnapped along with Kubikuro's parents and later killed by a bomb. In the original story, they were run over by a car and killed at the beginning of the story after their demonstration.
  • The old man is given a name in this version, Professor Inuzuka. He was the world's leading expert in dog breeding and had a dark past experimenting on them to turn them into weapons during WWII, an action he stated he regrets and hates himself for. In the manga, he was a nameless character with no background.
  • Kubikuro was held in captivity by the villains and modified constantly by the professor to posses his powers. In the manga, Kubikuro was in Joe's care the whole time and the dog had powers from the beginning.
  • Kubikuro's ability to start fires in the episode is shown to be energy blasts from his eyes. In the manga, it was because the brain enhancements gave the dog pyrokinetic abilities.

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