Cyborg 009 was a planned Western-animated film adaptation of the Cyborg 009 series, to be produced by Comic Book Movies[1]. Peter Chung (of Aeon Flux fame) was in charge of the story and character designs, and pre-production work had begun in 2008.

However, this feature quietly went into development hell and was cancelled. Before this project, Comic Book Movies had attempted to get their live-action Cyborg 009 film plan into production, only for it to also fall through.


In a July 2008 interview with Animation World Magazine[2], Chung revealed that in addition to attempting to get a new adaptation of Aeon Flux off ground, he was working on a new Cyborg 009 movie:

"One of the things that I'm working on now is an adaptation of Cyborg 009, which is a Japanese comic book character and an animation series from the '60s, which I grew up with. Japanese animation is very popular all over the world, so a lot of it is being adapted into animated features."

Little to no details are known about the film's actual plot, though he would later display character designs that he had done while it was in development. These were revealed at a Spring 2013 animation seminar [3].

Concept ArtEdit

00Cyborgteam PeterChung

Peter Chung's depiction of the 00 cyborgs.

Besides the updated uniforms more reminiscent of American superhero comics, which would be reflected in the Archaia graphic novel, this concept art shows 002 and 003 to have their hair colors switched, a change that was used in both that graphic novel and 009 Re:Cyborg.


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