Defeat the Invisible Opponent
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
Season 1, Episode 7
009 CS 07
Air date November 25, 2001 (TV Tokyo)
July 8, 2003 (Toonami)
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Defeat the Invisible Opponent is the seventh episode of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. It adapts the start of the "0013" story from the manga.

Plot SummaryEdit

Joe learns that the priest who raised him may have done some shady dealings with Black Ghost. Meanwhile, an invisible threat is attacking Tokyo's harbors, controlled by Black Ghost operatives... and they have Professor Kozumi hostage!



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  • Yasu's bullying of 0013 for his bread was greatly toned down from the manga, where Yasu kicks him and steps on his face only for 009 to intervene.
  • From this episode, the Black Phantom ship the 00 Cyborgs have commandeered is given its name, christened as the Dolphin by 003. It shall be known as such for the remainder of the series.