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Emperor is the main lead antagonist of the film Cyborg 009: Call of Justice and the leader of the rouge faction of the Blessed.


Emperor wears a cream colored suit with an old fashioned golden tie and gold lining with white shoes. He wears a domino mask on his face that covers his eyes.


Emperor is an arrogant and selfish individual with a god complex.


Emperor is an immortal Blessed with the superhuman ability to copy the powers of other Blessed beings and retain that ability. Among those he copied were The Teacher's gravity maipulation and air density compression to make solid constructs, the Cowboy's aerokinesis and ability to create storms and Linker's Telepathy. He also posesses psychic powers that are on par with Cyborg 001's and can wipe the memories of people to the point of them being mentally regressed to that of a newborn infant. Another power he demonstrated was the ability to trap 001 in a void that negated his psychic powers.


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