Friendship in the West
Episode 10
009 '79 Ep. 10
Air date May 8, 1979
Written by Akiyoshi Sakai
Directed by Ichiro Okui
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The Village of the Cosmic Tree
The Resurrected Phantom Fuhrer

Plot SummaryEdit

After the defeat of the Norse Gods, Geronimo returns home to the Arizona desert. But he is greeted by suspicion and prejudice among his neighbors and his closest friend tries to drive him away. He learns his old Indian friend Cochise is attacking towns and killing people in order to drive the white men off their land. Can a friendship prevail even when evil has clouded it?


Characters Edit

The 00 Cyborgs Edit

Allies Edit



Video ReleaseEdit

This episode was released on Disc Two of the Cyborg 009 1979 Collection Blu-Ray Vol. 1 set in Japan on November 11, 2015.[1] [2]
009 1979 Blu-ray Vol 1

Vol. 1 Blu-ray Set


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