Full Name





Neo Black Ghost intelligence agent


A cane that can fire lasers/energy blasts


Shigezō Sasaoka

Gorg (ゴルグ Gorugu) is a one-shot villain that appears in the 33rd episode of the 1979-1980 anime adaptation of Cyborg 009.

He is a member of the Neo Black Ghost's Intelligence Bureau, and the adoptive father to a young man named Tsutomu, who he converted into a cyborg. With two other operatives of the organization, he is the leader of a trio he dubs the "Messengers from Hell".


Gorg is a tall man wearing a long-sleeved black tunic with gold gauntlets, a yellow turtleneck undershirt, white pants, and tall black boots. He wears a black-and-red cape.

His hair is styled in a symmetrically spiked manner, similar to that seen on Van Vogt and Scarecrow.

When fighting against 009, he wears a long blue overcoat, a black top and pants, and a khaki scarf.



He is shown to have a cane that can fire energy blasts, acting as his firearm.



  • While Gorg is mostly a stand-in for the One-Armed Man/Machine Gun character, he also has elements of Roentgen, such as his sword-bearing towards the end of the episode and him threatening a child's life, only to be killed by Tsutomu (but not before inflicting a wound on his back).

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