Totally not Jin-Roh Cyborgs
The Lazurus Cyborgs are one of the antagonists of the film 009 Re:Cyborg. They are a special series of cyborgs manufactured by Samuel Capital's Post-Humanity Project as part of a plot to undermine world peace with the help of the US Government so America can retain political dominance over the globe. It is a highly controversial project to morally upstanding people who know of its secrets, as it used the corpses of fallen soldiers who died in combat tours of places such as Iraq as templates for the flesh components of the cyborgs.


Lazurus Cyborgs uncomfortably and aesthetically resemble modernized versions of Nazi SS stormtroopers with grey heavy combat body armor, gas masks, black combat pants and grey combat boots. Most Lazarus soldiers are armed with at least one of two types of assault rifles or an RPG launcher. They also have glowing red "eyes" in the form of cybernetic tactical gear optics.



As seen in the freeze frames of the project's data file, Lazurus Cyborgs are nothing but lifeless shells controlled by a device implanted in their brains and are powered by a glucose fuel cell generated through an artificially made synthetic blood substance.
Lazarus Cyborgs in stasis

Lazarus Cyborgs in stasis

Since they are not alive, they can be "switched" on and off for missions via a stasis pod which links to their control chip. They also do not speak, but seem to have a very rudimentary level of sentience as they can obey commands and think to an extent as a unit. If a Lazarus Cyborg is captured, it will activate an auto-destruct function and detonate a ring of C4 cartridges around its waist to act as a suicide bomb in an effort to kill its would-be captors.

Lazurus Cyborgs are more durable than humans but also can be destroyed easily with heavy firepower or explosives. (The possible mindset of Samuel Capital for this flaw is a war would give an inexhaustible supply of bodies to use so there is no need to concern themselves on the "survival" of one unit.)


  • Being another film made by Production I.G., the Lazurus Cyborgs bear a resemblance to the soldiers from the Mamoru Oshii film Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.


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