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Lena (1979)
BirthplaceDusseldorf, Germany

Lena is the "daughter" of Professor Reinhardt and, unbeknownst to her, a sophisticated android created by the professor out of his patented alloy Wagnerium.


Lena is a beautiful android who resembles a human female in her early 20s. She has light brown hair and brown eyes and wears two outfits in the episode, a red and white equestrian riding uniform and a brown women's dress covered by a purple women's jacket with brown shoes.


Lena is a very kind and caring young woman and is unaware of her true nature as a machine, after learning what she is, she is a bit shocked but comes to accept it. She falls in love with Albert after getting to know him and even though they part, she still has affection for him and cries when he leaves. Due to her kind nature, she is sometimes too trusting of others, which led to her being captured once.


Lena's X-Ray

A projected X-Ray reveals that Lena is an android.

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