Full Name



A future where Black Ghost conquered the Earth


Psychic human


Member of the Mutant Warriors team




Mie Sonozaki

English VA

Cindy Robinson (credited as "Cindy Alexander")

Rina (リナ Rina, alternatively Lina, Lena in the English dub) is part of the "Mutant Warriors" group of psychics that traveled back in time in hopes of changing their dystopic future. She is the older sister of Phil, and was the girlfriend of Nichol.


Rina has long, platinum blonde hair and wears a short magenta dress with black trim at the neckline.


Innocent and with a kind heart, Rina is the first of the group to regain her memories after the brainwashing.



  • The Sony Pictures English dub opted to have her name translated and spelled as "Lena" in its scripts, and this spelling is also given on Cindy Robinson's website. However, "Lena" would be レナ (Rena), as "ri" and "re" are entirely different katakana characters. Nevertheless, the English dub pronounces the name with a long "e" and not in the "lay-na" pronunciation.
  • There is a fair amount of ambiguity and debate on if her name, as with her manga counterpart, should be "Rina" or "Lina" as her ethnicity is unstated (and by the time of the future, may be moot). The katakana can represent both names, although, considering her basis in another Ishinomori character by the name of Rina (who was Japanese), the "Rina" spelling tends to be used more in English notations from Eastern sources.

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