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Roentgen (レントゲン, Rentogen) was one of 0012's servants and a secondary antagonist in the 'Assassins' story arc in the 009 manga.


Roentgen is a blind bald man, who wears binocular-like attachments allowing him to see. He wears a large white, labcoat and a dark undershirt, though it is also left white in some segments.

In his initial appearance, his nose is shaped more like an upside-down heart, though it soon becomes more of button-nosed type. He has highly arched brows constantly in an angered expression, and a long downturned mouth, much like the type that appears on Ishinomori's alter-ego characters.


Roentgen was cruel and spiteful, and also seemingly quite intelligent, as he was able to use his other senses when robbed of his binoculars and accurately pinpoint his targets' location.


With his binocular attachments, Roentgen is capable of enhanced sight. Without them he is completely blind, but capable of locating his targets through sound. He carries a deadly sword inside his cane, and is capable of using it to cut through steel.



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