Shiori Takagaki (高垣詩織 Takagaki Shiori) is a character exclusive to the final Cyborg 009 chapter, Conclusion: GOD'S WAR, and its various adaptations. She is a student at Rajomon University, and a friend of Joe Shimamura/009. Some details on her role may vary through each version, along with her character design.


  • In the concept notes for the arc, Shiori was named Saori Takagaki (高垣沙織 Takagaki Saori). Her name changed at some undated point, by the time of the OVA adaptation. The official stated reason remains unknown, though it had been speculated that as Joe Onodera's wife was named "Saori", he may have felt uncomfortable having a character with a similar name and modified it accordingly.
  • While Shiori's death was an important part of the "Conspiracy of the Goddess" storyline from Ishinomori's original concept, it was cut and not reflected in the OVA likely due to violence issues and timing purposes.

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