The Girl with the Golden Eyes
Cyborg 009 (1968)
Episode 8
009 '68 Ep.8
Air date May 24, 1968
Written by Hiroshi Ozawa
Shotaro Ishinomori (original story)
Directed by Makoto Nogo
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The Vanishing School Bus
The Night the Devil Walks

The Girl with the Golden Eyes is the eighth episode of the 1968 Cyborg 009 series. Cyborg 002 guest stars in this episode.

Plot SummaryEdit

009, 003 and 007 are camping in a cabin when a mysterious girl appears at the door and collapses from exhaustion. This girl is part of a conspiracy by alien terrorists from the planet Mirakura who wish to use a new kind of explosive on a pattern of targets to wreak destruction upon Japan and invade the Earth.

Episode RecapEdit


  • The plot of this episode was somewhat sourced from a short story of the same name that Ishinomori had written, though retooled to involve the 00 cyborgs.
  • When 007 introduces himself to Rita, he brags and refers to himself as the other 007, James Bond, shape shifting into the likeness of actor Sean Connery with the famed 007 film logo and gun barrel POV pointed at his head.
    • What Ishinomori and the crew of the anime didn't know during this homage was that in 1967, Sean Connery had stepped down from the role as James Bond after the film You Only Live Twice. After a failed replacement in the form of George Lazenby and Connery's brief return in Diamonds Are Forever, the role of Bond for the film series belonged to Roger Moore.
  • In this episode, 002 is seen flying, but his jets are not seen burning thrust. Instead, he is animated in a way that makes it seem his flying ability is like that of Superman, able to fly on his own power.

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