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The Resurrected Phantom Fuhrer
Episode 11
009 '79 Ep 11
Air date May 15, 1979
Written by Susumu Yoshikawa
Directed by Takizawa Toshifumi
Episode guide
Friendship in the West
I Won't be Turned into a Fighting Machine!

Plot SummaryEdit

Dr. Gilmore receives a letter from Professor Reinhardt, an old colleague from World War II, about his research after his death. Gilmore sends 004 to Düsseldorf, Germany to protect Professor Reinhardt's daughter Lena and the scientific secrets of Wagnerium, only for Albert to uncover a plot by the remnants of the Nazis to use Wagnerium to revive Hitler!


Characters Edit

The 00 Cyborgs Edit

Allies Edit


The NazisEdit

  • Karl


  • to be added

Video ReleaseEdit

This episode was released on Disc Two of the Cyborg 009 1979 Collection Blu-Ray Vol. 1 set in Japan on November 11, 2015.[1] [2]
009 1979 Blu-ray Vol 1

Vol. 1 Blu-ray Set


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