The Shapeless Assassin
Episode 13
009 '79 Ep. 13
Air date May 29, 1979
Written by Yoshida Yoshiaki
Directed by Hirokawa Kazuyuki
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I Won't be Turned into a Fighting Machine!
The Boy Who Came Riding on a Dolphin

Plot SummaryEdit

The nations of Tylon and Zudisia have been warring with each other over a border dispute for years. But the leaders of the nations are agreeing to a ceasefire to meet for diplomatic talks that could end the wars. 004 feels uneasy about the signing of the peace treaty and decides to go alone to Zudisia to make sure the treaty is signed without any incident.


Characters Edit

The 00 Cyborgs Edit

Allies Edit

Dr. Isaac Gilmore



Video ReleaseEdit

This episode was released on Disc Two of the Cyborg 009 1979 Collection Blu-Ray Vol. 1 set in Japan on November 11, 2015.[1] [2]
009 1979 Blu-ray Vol 1

Vol. 1 Blu-ray Set


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