The Underground Golden Palace
Cyborg 009 (1968)
Episode 10
Joe the Cyborg cowpoke
Air date June 7, 1968
Written by Masaru Igami
Directed by Kenzo Koizumi
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The Night the Devil Walks
The Golden Lion

The Underground Golden Palace is the tenth episode of the Cyborg 009 1968 anime series. Cyborg 005 guest stars in this episode.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the American southwest, Cyborg 005 finds himself witnessing a murder and is chased by evil desperadoes in pursuit of a map to a hidden Incan treasure. However what he and the other cyborgs find is much more dangerous than treasure...

Episode RecapEdit

Cyborg 005 is riding his horse through the American western desert when he hears someone crying for help. He finds a cowboy hat with a bullet hole in it and soon hears gunshots in the distance. A covered wagon being driven by an old man and his two horses is speeding away from some Mexican bandits, but one of the bandits draws his gun and shoots the old man right in the back three times. The old man nearly collapses and the wagon goes out of control as the horses are spooked by the gunfire. Cyborg 005 sees this from a cliff above and chases the bandits to stop them. The bandits try to use their guns to shoot 005 but his reinforced steel body makes their efforts useless as the bullets bounce off of him. The old man tries to use the last of his strength to steer the wagon as his sight falters from blood loss, but he is about to crash and mentions someone named Catherine. As the wagon's wheel hits a large rock, the old man falls out of the wagon and onto the ground. 005 sees this and tries to defend him by pulling out his Winchester rifle, killing most of the bandits while on his horse, but one escapes and flees. 005 rushes to the old man, who reveals he is an archeologist who was searching for and found the secret of a hidden treasure of the Incans. Realizing he is dying, the old man, later revealed to be called Dr. Snyder, instructs 005 to give a map that gives directions to a hidden golden Incan palace to his daughter. The old man passes away and 005 takes off his hat and mourns his death.

005 then contacts Gilmore Labs in Japan, requesting 009 to ask Dr. Gilmore for information regarding the Incan civilization. 009 is curious as 005 is not the kind of guy to be into historical subjects, but 005 says to hurry as it is urgent and will contact 009 again later.

The next day, a train stops at Ligroines station and 005 meets Dr. Snyder's daughter Catherine and, like a gentleman, offers to carry her bags. Catherine received 005's letter and he offers his condolences for her loss. A bandito near the station tries to kill Catherine with a machine gun, but 005 saves her by pushing her out of the way. The bandit flees before 005 can shoot him and despite the danger, Catherine wishes to fulfill her father's life's work by finding the golden temple. She first requests that 005 take her to her father's grave, which he does and she prays and wishes her father to rest in peace. Catherine asks 005 to help her on her quest, which he agrees to so he can protect her if the bandits try again to attempt another assassination.

At a cabin near Dr. Snyder's grave, 005 presents Catherine with a box that her father wanted 005 to give to her which contains the map. 005 hears someone outside and tells Catherine to get down on the ground as a time bomb is thrown inside the cabin from a window. 005 quickly tosses the bomb back out the window and it explodes outside. He then rushes outside and draws his handgun, shooting an army of bandits that have surrounded the cabin and are firing on him. Overwhelmed, 005 ducks behind a barrel for cover to draw the bandit's fire away from the cabin. The bandits try a different tactic when shooting 005 doesn't work by arming themselves with flamethrowers and burning the cabin with Catherine still inside. 005 tries to save Catherine but the barrage of gunfire from the bandits finally manages to do some damage to his body and he passes out for a few seconds. He wakes up as the bandits leave and rushes to the cabin to try and rescue Catherine, but she is not in the cabin and thus was kidnapped by the banidts. 005 pulls out a hidden radio and issues an SOS to Gilmore Labs to call for back up as the burning cabin comes down on top of him. 005 emerges from the ruins of the cabin and greets 009 who has arrived from Japan in a gyrocopter. Despite not having the actual map to find where the bandits went on the trail of the temple, 005 memorized the map with his computer-enhanced brain.


  • There are a few animation/audio errors of lip movement in this episode, the most notable is one where 005's voice is heard but 007's lips are the ones that are moving during the Incan robot's attack.


  • This is one of the more violent episodes of the series, as real guns are used and many characters are seen being killed by being shot through the chest or head (Though no blood is shown due to censorship practices of television during that time period)
  • During thier Jeep ride, 007 plays a guitar and sings a Japanese song to the tune of the popular American western folk song Oh Susanna.
  • In keeping with the western theme of the episode, snippets of the score for the song Happy Trails by Dale Evans and Roy Rogers is played in the background. This song was used as the ending theme of every episode of The Roy Rogers Show which ran from 1951 to 1957 on NBC and was a popular western song on the radio during that era.
  • Joe guntwirls his twin Super Guns after defeating the desperadoes. This stylish gunplay move of the Old West was popularized by the Hollywood western film and TV genre, but this is actually very dangerous to do in real life and takes practice and using a gun or a prop gun that isn't loaded.
  • Interestingly, the plot twist with Queen Jizarupa and her Incan guard robot bears some similarity to a Cyborg 009 manga story that would be written by Ishinomori seven years later, titled "The City of Wind".

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