The Vanishing School Bus
Cyborg 009 (1968)
Episode 7
Air date May 17, 1968
Written by Junya Sato
Directed by Shikubuyuki?? 窪詔之
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King Garaliya, Rescue Mission
The Girl with the Golden Eyes
The Vanishing School Bus is the seventh episode of the 1968 anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

A shadowy organization is using children to create the K series cyborgs, weapons with superhuman powers and suicide bomb implants. The first one attempts to steal a blueprint from an atomic energy research lab to obtain information on an atomic powered engine. After he fails and is killed by self-destruct, the agents of the organization hijack a school bus leaving the lab on a field trip as a diversion to sneak inside and steal the engine. The organization's leader plans on using the kidnapped kids on the bus as the next phase of his K series cyborg soldiers, using the atomic engine as thier power source. Can Joe stop this heinous act of cruelty?



  • When K-2 escapes from his captors, he contacts his superiors using a shoe phone. This form of spy communication originates from the classic Mel Brooks TV comedy spy spoof Get Smart.
  • 009 refers to the leader of the organization as Cloak, despite the fact that they have never met before nor had the villain properly introduced himself in the episode.

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