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    Greetings folks,

    Well I have a bit of bad news, My computer, being 12 years old, is staring to show its age by being unable to do screen captures. Despite my best efforts to free up memory, the computer keeps saying the hard disk is full and I cannot snap images from video streams.

    I fear this may be a possible sign the hard drive is starting to wear down, so until I can save up to get a more up-to-date machine with more memory. I need to entrust image capturing to the staff until I can get this problem settled.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, but I will still be on here keeping tabs on things and building pages when time permits me.

    Aldo The Fox, Administrative Editor

    Update:The Problem seems to have gone away for the moment, but I won't p…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    This is a discussion to show Wikia's administrative staff that we are committed to the adoption of the Cyborg 009 wiki for Project: Tokupedia for the purpose of educating manga enthusiasts, anime fans and people curious about the works of Shotaro Ishinomori.

    I, Aldo The Fox, agree that this wiki needs tender loving care and an administrative staff to keep things running, expand the wiki to its full potential and preserve it for the Internet's use for years to come.

    If any persons on this wiki has any objections or are in agreement, please speak now in the comments below...

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