• MissReven

    As part of my updates to the 2001 series' entry, I have been further researching the actors in the original Japanese track and the English dub. Actor pages may come about soon, if there aren't any already, but I would probably need help with those.

    The English dub still has some characters that need to be figured out, voice-wise. Sophie, Kabore, Unbaba, Atlas, Pan, and Nereus come to mind, but the last three characters' vocals don't really have much in the way of words. Wikipedia has David Rasner listed as both Mamado and Kabore, but that needs to be double-checked.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Shishigashira from "Monster Island" has stumped other fans who've tried to identify the actor. Not every bit part in the series will be listed, but any notable or …

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  • MissReven

    Wiki maintenance

    March 13, 2015 by MissReven

    First off, I apologize for having been gone so long and not having been able to get started on the Tomica Hero wiki or other projects. Life's been unpredictable with the busy/not busy intervals.

    But in good news, I've been trying to think of ways of restructuring the wiki and content as we move through this new year. As some admins have understandably been busy and away, I feel any of us who are currently active should try to build and clean up articles and figure out more ideas. After all, Archaia's 009 site links to us as a source, and it's best to have reliable, up-to-date information on the franchise.

    With that, I want to try and get to citing sources and making bibliographies of relevant reading materials, most of which are unfortunatel…

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