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Vampire of Our Heart
Episode 18
009 '79 Episode 18
Air date July 10, 1979
Written by Akiyoshi Sakai
Directed by Toyoda Ashida
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The Catastrophe of X must be Averted!
Marchenland, The Man-eating Island

Vampire of Our Heart (我が心の吸血鬼?) is the eighteenth episode of the 1979 Cyborg 009 anime series.

Plot SummaryEdit

In Hungary, reports of strange sightings and kidnappings are going on that, according to the locals, involve Count Dracula! The 00 Cyborgs travel to a town in Hungary near the Carpathian mountains to investigate, only to learn that the town is being attacked by vampires....or is it? The 00 Cyborgs soon learn the town is full of frenzied villagers who trust no one and kill anyone who comes out at dusk.

009 must face off against the legendary Count to unravel this mystery and save the town from itself!



The 00 Cyborgs Edit

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

Count Dracula

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