Vena, alternatively Venus, may refer to one of the princesses of the Yomi Kingdom, appearing in the Underground Empire of Yomi arc in the manga and adaptations sourcing from it.


  • The proper English romanization of "ビーナ" is up for debate, as Ishinomori and IshimoriPro had never seemed to give an official Westernized spelling of her name. The dub of the Cyborg Soldier series used "Vena", while Tokyopop had used "Venus". It has been theorized that Ishinomori may have had trouble rendering a Western name into katakana and could have in fact meant the Roman goddess (and thus forgot the "su" character for ビーナス), although this is uncertain. The Italian translation of the manga uses "Veena", while "Beena" and "Binah" are other legitimate ways of rendering the given katakana.

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